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Emma Watson The want to become an actress is what helped Emma Watson become the person she is today. Becoming an actress has opened so many doors to her. It has helped her become not only famous but a role model to people everywhere. She has taken her role from Harry Potter and used it to inspire other young girls across the world. She herself has become a worldwide phenomenon. Her opportunities do not stop at acting. Emma Watson has had and has many opportunities open to her. According to Biography Today, "Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson was born on April 15, 1990" ("Emma Watson 1990-" 419). Her loving parents are, according to Biography Today, "Jacqueline and Chris Watson" ("Emma Watson 1990-" 419). Three years after having Emma…show more content…
With so many options open the choice is hers to choose in the end we will see where her heart truly lies. Her first real big non-Harry Potter role was in Perks of Being a Wall Flower. According to Entertainment Weekly, "The director told her that this would be one of the biggest roles of her life" ("Q+A Emma Watson"). Just like in Harry Potter, Perks of Being a Wall Flower stayed close to the book and they tried to portray the book as good as they could. Even though Perks of Being a Wall Flower had an entirely different plot there were still similarities between it and Harry Potter. Besides trying to stay close to the book it was the story of outcast teens which if you look at the back plot of Harry Potter it kind of is also. According to Entertainment Weekly, "She lost a lot of sleep over the American accent" ("Q+A Emma Watson"). I think she was really worried about getting the accent perfect because she did not want fans disappointed in her. According to Entertainment Weekly she said, "That it is hard for some people to see her with an American accent" (Q+A Emma Watson"). There are so many windows of opportunity to come for the young Emma Watson. Emma Watson is on the track of what she wants to do. She is definitely a role model to young girls everywhere. She has changed the way that some youth look at the stars of today 's movies.

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