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For this case, we are considering that the situation happened during March of 2012. During this time, Emma established her business with stability and rapid growth. With the current trend in online connectivity, online businesses are emerging and gaining popularity.


The attitude of mind that must be used which will determine the opinions and judgements for this case analysis is that of a generalist, a person who has the aptitude, knowledge and skills in several areas as opposed to that of a specialist. This will be effective for the case because it will let the reader have an overview the company as whole and not just focus on a specific characteristic.

In this case we shall be the consultant for
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Emma Lathbury should ensure that all expenses that shall be incurred would be properly executed so the expenses would not be put to waste and should be strategically allocated.

1. Hire Managers - Since the business can be classified into two types of operations: the tearoom and the online side of the business; Emma Lathbury can train managers that would represent her in each side of the business. Emma can either choose to designate both the sides of the company to the managers or Emma can just handle one side of the business and let the managers handle the other side of the business.
2. E-Business Strategies - Emma can study and research further on the different e-business strategies and solutions. she can utilize those to have an extra eye for the business and use her time efficiently even without being physically present. She can also use this strategy to monitor the different aspects of her business such as inventory, product pricing, employee productivity through the use of intranet.
3. Train Employees - By training employees, Emma would not have to personally conduct workshops to discuss the efficiency and medical benefits of tea. She can even train just one employee that shall be tasked to train the other employees.


For this case study, we as consultants are recommending the first alternative course of action which is to hire
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