Emmet's Theory Of Observational Study

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Bandura’s Theory of observational learning is when a behavior is learned through seeing and hearing it. According to Bandura’s theory, Emmet is so happy to pay for overpriced coffee and listen to the same song over and over again because he has observed other individuals doing the same actions which are being reinforced. Emmet’s joy for doing the same behaviors as others, is what Bandura calls modeling. Modeling occurs when an individual observes a behavior, processes it, and stores it for future use. Nevertheless, there are three factors involved in modeling, the first being the status of the model; individuals are more likely to model behavior of an individual who has a high status versus a low status. The second factor deals with the observer and their own status; they are more likely to model behavior if they lack…show more content…
In relation to Emmet, he is paying attention to the people around him and he sees how other individuals also pay for overpriced coffee and listen to the same song. Next, is representation, which is the capacity to understand the behavior in order for it to be replicated. With Emmet, he understands why people buy coffee and overpriced coffee; these individuals perform these actions for satisfaction and social interaction. Since Emmet understands, it leads to behavioral production, which is the capacity to perform the same behavior. Due to Emmet’s understanding, he then goes out and also buys overpriced coffee, just like everyone else, and also listens to the same song repeatedly. Lastly, there is motivation, which relates to wanting to perform a behavior in order to gain results. Likewise, Emmet wants to, and will continue to, buy overpriced coffee and listen to the same song in order to gain acceptance, become likable, and no longer stand out in a crowd. All in all, by observing the behaviors of other individuals, which are being reinforced, Emmet will continue to perform these
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