Emmett Slaughter By The Old Pullman Company

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Emmett Slaughter was walking through the old Pullman Company building. It was cold, all he could hear was the screeching of the old metal that was about to collapse. The building was condemned but Emmet used to work there so he wanted to see it one last time, so he snuck inside to take one good last look. Upon looking through the building he started to remember the Pullman company strike that happened on May 11, 1894. That was the time he learned to fight for what he believes in without violence. It was a warm spring day in Chicago and he was like usual doing his job at Pullman Company. He made sure the bolts were tight on the sleeping cars and were ready to put on the tracks. He got low wages, 16 hour workdays and he was scared that any…show more content…
“Howdy Emmett” Said Joseph. Then Emmet replied “Get to work and quit messing around.” “You know I’ve been thinking I’m going to tell I want a better place to stay, higher wages and less work hours…… I’m going to request to meet with him” Said Joseph. Emmet bewildered spun around with such speed it slightly spooked trampas and yelled “You Fool, three people have already tried to talk to him and he refused to even meet with them then he fired them!!!” “I think those are just rumors, everyone’s just to chicken to try.” Said Joseph. Annoyed Emmet glared at Joseph and said “Your job, if you lose it, it’s not my problem.” Emmett finished saddling Destiny and he rode to work with Joseph riding closely behind. They reached their destination dismounted and went their separate ways. A half hour later Joseph came up to Emmett dragging his feet and sullen. “Emmett” said Joseph. Emmet looked up from finishing his inspection. “What?” Emmett grumbled. “You were right, I just lost my job. He wouldn’t even meet with me” Joseph replied. Emmett glanced at him then said “What did I tell you?” “Yes, I know, you warned me. I’m going home” said Joseph. He walked over to Trampas, mounted him and rode off. 15 minutes later Jeff, Emmett’s co-worker came up to him and whispered “We are having a meeting 11 o’clock tonight at my place. Be there. Don’t ask any questions, just show up.” Then he walked away.
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