Emmett Till Essay Conclusion

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It started with some whistling after purchasing bubble gum and ended with the senseless killing of 14-year-old Emmett Till. On Wednesday, August 24, 1955 Emmett, his cousins, and friends drove in to the town of Money, Mississippi. There they stopped outside of Bryant’s Grocery and Meat Market for a game of Checkers that was taking place outside the store. On a dare Emmett decided to go in to the store for some bubble gum and take a look at the “pretty lady,” Carolyn Brant (Anderson). After some flirtation on Emmett's part, either Albert Johnson or Simeon Wright guided him out of the shop. Upon leaving Emmett said goodbye and waved to Carolyn. She followed him out on the way to her car to retrieve her pistol. Emmet then wolf-whistled at her,…show more content…
Soon after his body was pulled from the river the extent of his injuries was discovered. His body upon retrieval was badly bloated from the death and decay of being submerged in the water for several days before he was found.

Moses Wright soon heard of the discovery of Emmett and raced to the scene. Emmett’s body and face were so mutilated that Moses had a difficult time identifying him, only being able to do so by the ring that Emmett was known to wear.

After determining the cause of death was a gunshot wound, and without performing an autopsy, Emmett Till’s body was released by the Mississippi police to the custody of his family. Unbeknownst to Emmett’s mother, Mamie, a quick funeral was planned locally in Mississippi, despite her wishes of having his body brought back to their hometown of Chicago. Mississippi officials wished to bury the body as quickly as possible.

Mamie got the officials to deliver Emmett’s remains to Chicago where she insisted on an open casket funeral so that the world could see the way her son’s body had been massacred by his murderers, that he was tortured beyond recognition. Unfortunately, a jury of 12 white men found both Roy Bryant and John W Milam not guilty of the murder
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