Emmett Till Trial

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For many years there has been a person who did petty crimes who were given sentences that doesn’t match the crime due to what race they are as well. For instance at a party one night a female college student had a little too much to drink. Once she decided to leave the party a young man followed her and raped her in an alley. Two bikers were riding by and witnessed the action and put a stop to it. When he went to trial for the crime he’d committed he received only six months of jail time, but really just did three months. Criminals should get time based on what they kind of crime they commit and not the color his/ her skin. Back in the early to mid-50’s the case of a young boy by the name of Emmett Till who was taken out of his own home late one night by two white men, because earlier that day he supposedly whistled at a white woman. Emmett Till’s cousin was a witness to it all and knew who the two white men were, he describes it as being “terrified and so paralyzing that it felt like he could not breathe”, says the cousin of young Till. Emmett Till was murdered but wasn’t…show more content…
A man by the name of George Jackson was given a sentence of 1-2 years for robbery for a petty corner store robbery that he did. Instead of doing his one to two years he did way more than that, but is that right and by doing this it is not helping solve the problem. By keeping him in that type of environment it didn’t not help him learn from his mistakes instead it caused him to become more of a radical person. When a person has to sit in jail for years and years over a small crime doesn’t make sense in my eyes and when you mix people who shouldn’t be in jail long compared to people that have done something really wrong it causes them to turn into a person that they wasn’t at first. The whole mentally of a person changes all because they are forced to do more time than expected all because the color of their
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