Emmings Alternate Ending

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The Dream I opened my grey eyes to the sound of the alarm ringing. Another day in this world. As I got ready for today, I ignored my lone parent say, “Good morning,” Instead, I walked down the stairs to see, on the dining table, there were freshly made pancakes. It must be my maid, Eleanor. Eleanor Emmings is our maid who cleans and cooks for my dad and I. I sat down and once I got a slice in my mouth, someone entered. “Aren’t you going to say thank you?” I looked up. Eleanor was there. “Thank you?” I rolled my eyes. ¨Why do I have to say thank you to you if this is your job?” “Manners, Julia. Manners,” My dad came in. “Mrs. Emmings, will you please teach my daughter some manners? I will be gone for the whole weekend.”
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My brother is here!” I stepped down the stairs and heard a little mumbling. “Now Will, please take care of your niece. She may be rude, bu-” “Did you say she is rude?” William inquired. Most likely Eleanor nodded, even though I didn’t see her. “Please don’t tell me you’re going to do those voodoo tricks on her, right?” I was frightened when she said voodoo tricks. Don’t tell me Mrs. Emmings also believes in magic! I finally arrived at the first floor where Will and Eleanor were standing. “Well Julia, I guess I will see you in two days!”
To be honest, I would rather stay home and do my daily reading. It is way better than going with this man whom I don’t have any memories about. My maid’s brother opened the car door for me and I got in. The ride was longer than I thought it would be. “So Mr. Will,” I was trying to start a conversation, “your sister really thinks you can do sorcery?” “Yes, I can actually. Not many believe me which is why I try to keep your maid quiet.” “What type of wizardry can you do?” “Well I can do many types of sorcery. I can do more things than you think an average magician can do.” With that, I looked out my
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“Oh my gosh! I made it to school!” I rushed to my friends and said to them, “Hi girlies!” “Uh, woah. You look tired. You okay?” Addison asked. I decided to not say anything about my dreams because I have worked too hard for this. “Yeah, just a few nightmares. But I’m alright. How are you?” We talked and for the first time, I was happy. Not happy, I was untroubled. Today, I said thank you to many people. My maid, the limousine driver, the teacher, and the lunch lady. The day was nearly ending and new things were coming at me. Dinner was made and my clothes were ready on my bed. I laid on the bed and thought about many ideas. Julia really does do many things in this house. “I feel bad for all the times I’ve been rude to her,” I whispered. “But the day is coming to an end, and I am positively sure after this day everything will be normal again.” Then again, what if I wake up at my house and this is still a dream! Well, only one way to find out. I closed my eyes and suddenly, I woke up under the white canopy. I darted down the stairs just to see that a man was perched on a white chair. “Oh, good morning Julia! You slept the whole night. Did you have any dreams?” He asked with a twinkle in his
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