Emmy Noether Research Paper

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Traditionally, society consider mathematicians to be men. This, however, is not entirely true. Throughout history, there have been many women mathematicians who have contributed just as much as their male-counterparts. Even though their names might have been forgotten, their contributions to mathematics have not. One of these women mathematicians was German-born Emmy Noether. Known primarily for her profound theorems in ring theory, Emmy Noether's most significant achievement runs deeper: she changed the way mathematicians think about their subject. "She taught us to think in simple, and thus general, terms... homomorphic image, the group or ring with operators, the ideal... and not in complicated algebraic calculations," said her colleague P.S. Alexandroff during a memorial service after her death. In this way, she cleared a path toward the discovery of new algebraic patterns that had previously been obscured.…show more content…
It extended the work of Dedekind on solutions of polynomials and laid the foundations for modern abstract algebra. Because of its generality, abstract algebra represents a unifying thread connecting such theoretical fields as logic and number theory with applied mathematics useful in chemistry and physics.
From 1908 to 1915, Noether worked at the Mathematical Institute of Erlangen, without pay or title. During during this time, she collaborated with Ernst Otto Fischer and started work on the more general, theoretical algebra. In 1915 she joined the Mathematical Institute in Göttingen and started working with Klein and Hilbert on Einstein's general relativity theory. Continuously working for her passion in mathematics in 1918 she proved two theorems that became to be her most know work; the theorem were basic for both general relativity and elementary particle
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