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Emo, short for Emotional; this group is generally constructed as a group of teenagers who desperately try to escape the social class they have been put into. Mostly an underground scene the term “Emo” began as a music genre in the mid 1980’s with a group of bands set on redefining punk rock music. They based their music on emotions and feelings and this quickly spread throughout America. This lasted until the early 2000’s when the bases turned to (some say) over-the-top emphasis on self expression and negative connotations were implied; emotion and sadness thus stereotyping the word we so often hear today. With this derogatory, implications followed. Emos began to be marginalized due to
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Linday states in the text piece “If you're beautiful, brainy, wealthy or sporty, you're probably OK. If you're just an ordinary kid, not outstanding at anything, the world can be a pretty unpleasant place.” Putting in place the ideology that if your not “beautiful, brainy, wealth or sporty then you don’t have a place in society or are more ceceptable to become emo. She backs this up with further statements such as “In the old world, teenagers who weren't academic stars were already in the workforce and earning respect” & “Kids who feel inadequate can become bullies, or get bullied. For those who are bullied, their feelings of inadequacy are entrenched by regular humiliation.” Portarying Emos as generally bullied, non academic teenagers who seek to individualise and remove them selfs from contempory society.

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The 'Emo' subculture
• Reporter: Chris Simond
• Broadcast Date: April 23, 2007
Parents are being warned of a subculture called "Emo" that may be linked with depression and even talk of suicide. Counseling is available for children.
Recent news stories have drawn accusatory attention to a subculture known as "Emo".
The movement can involve talking about self doubt and issues of being in pain and not understanding the way the world is.
Self-hurt and self-mutilation is part of an understanding that this is going to lead maybe at

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