Emojis Are Ruining The Way Of Communication

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Emojis are taking over the way we communicate with every text message that is being sent throughout the globe. It is a bit crazy to think how a small digital icon is used to express an emotion, idea, etc. Now a days, it is so easy to just type an emoji rather than actually communicating and typing words through a screen. Although many may feel that emojis are ruining the way we text, they are actually very convenient and add emotion to the way we digitally communicate. For as long as people have been able to text, messages have been misinterpreted. Not because people take things the wrong way, but because you can not understand the tone and mood of the conversation you are having when texting. Therefore, can not completely understand the way things are being expressed. To sum it all up, there is rarely any type of emotion during a plain text. Emojis are revolutionizing the way we communicate. Not only are they fun and…show more content…
Who needs words when we have emojis? Emojis are now replacing words, because you can simply respond with an emoji and everyone will understand the meaning of the text just by looking at it. Another example of a woman who goes by “Hot Piece” wrote on her blog, “there is a tongue emoji, sexting is going to be a thing.”That goes to show how emojis are changing the way we communicate for the most part. Another example of how emojis are changing the way we text is by showing others your mood at the moment, or whether you are serious or not. At times, emojis can be used to avoid a message being taken the wrong way. If I were to text my friends saying “shut up” it seems a bit rude. However, if I were to send them “shut up” with a laughing with joy emoji, that changes the whole meaning of a text. Also, they will understand that I am joking and saying it in a harmless manner. A simple emoji can definitely make a dramatic difference to the way we communicate with
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