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Reading is a source of personal entertainment and improvement. Reading any books, especially fiction, boosts creativity, imagination, and brain functions. At Emory University neurologists completed a study that tracked the brains of students as they read a book, and compared the effects to normal brain activity. The results showed that reading triggers your left temporal cortex, which causes neural changes that lead to increased theory of the mind and stimulates the mind. Reading is also very entertaining, and is an alternative to watching television. Books interact with the reader, each with different and interesting stories. The Emory studies also showed that these changes in a reader’s brain provide for a separation from reality, allowing…show more content…
As you read you see many different vocabulary that you may not know, and this allows readers to learn these vocabulary through context clues and repetition. Studies show that students who have poor reading comprehension, or do not read often, also have a low language comprehension as well. Studies also show that finding the same words in different context in different books often immensely helps to learn that vocabulary. Research indicates that reading can improve writing as well; University of California states that reading exposes you to good writing styles and techniques which can influence your own. Learning good writing skills can help in many aspects of life and school, as people have to write often for different classes and jobs. There’s also the actual content of the books that can enhance learning. Books can be very informative, teaching a wide array of subjects. Overall, reading strengthens numerous skills, including vocabulary, writing, and learning information, which can all help you in…show more content…
Research indicates that reading leads to better comprehension of daily tasks. This was shown in the Emory University studies, as they studied the effects of reading on the brain the neurologists also noticed increased understanding. Being able to better understand how to complete common tasks leads to better judgement. These new skills can increase a person’s functional ability which can improve the chances of you getting into a career. The University of Buffalo conducted a study that showed how reading can increase a person’s empathy levels, leading to them being more considerate to others feelings. Reading books teaches people very important lessons and morals in life. They found that this was because when a person reads, they are thinking in the perspective of the character’s point of view and overcoming many obstacles. The stories within the books also contain many morals that are taught to the reader. Since the reader is usually deeply invested in the book’s story, maybe because it’s relatable, the lesson will imprint on them strongly. Reading teaches a person many different skills and lessons that can be applied to normal life, and improve
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