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Emory University attracts me most for its abundant research programs provided for the undergraduate students. Personally, I like to do various kinds of research, including but not limiting to Mathematics. In Grade 11, I led a research project in respect of the negative effect created by the abuse of laser beam, which mainly focused on physics concepts. By doing a substantial amount of experiments and gathering related information from the internet, I obtained much more knowledge outside the classroom. As a result, doing a research program is one of the goals that I want to achieve at university. Regarding to the undergraduate research programs at Emory University, Research Partner Program (RPP) is an institution which supports students who interest in working on a research project with a faculty mentor. I find that one of the mathematics related research programs focuses on Algebra and Number theory, which is my favorite topics among all math theories. I hope that I could participate in this research program to train my analytical skills and presentation skills. Besides research opportunities, honors programs are also prevalent throughout the…show more content…
International Voices is one of its projects and describes the stories and experiences from different international groups at Emory with graphical demonstrations. Such activities at Emory University could help international students, like me, to better blend into a new living environment. Simultaneously, I could also share my experiences and feelings as an international student through International Voice. In addition, I could take advantage of the rich extra curriculum activities to relieve the academic pressure, since Emory college possesses more than 550 clubs and organizations to help students learn how to organize, lead and participate in social
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