Emory University Health Care System

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Emory University Health Care System
Hospital- Atlanta, Georgia

Kaplan University
Joyce Ileen Smith

Founded in 1905, Emory is one of the largest Hospitals in the Georgia with 200 provider locations and 1,800 physicians in more than 70 specialties, including 220 primary care physicians. The report presented evaluates major internal and external factors affecting Emory using an analytical technique. Based on Emory’s’ Services in Georgia, it identifies strategies that have been beneficial for Emory Hospital. Emory gives high-quality care using innovative techniques, with caring personnel, a variety of healing options, and a selection of first-class skilled professionals primarily at all of their many Hospital-operated clinics. This report aims to evaluate major internal and external factors affecting Emory using an environmental analysis called SWOT. It will be based on the Emory’s Services in Georgia, and will identify suitable strategies for Emory to continue giving great service.
What Emory Is All About The following is an insight to Emory. Many mistake Emory Health Care System for the Soul purpose of Research and its University connection. Yes, Emory Hospital does excel in research but there is more that Emory offers to help its patients and community.
- “Core Purpose: To Serve Humanity by Improving Health through integration of education, discovery and health care (Alexander, R. W. (2012, May)
- Core Values: Excellence, Caring, Integrity. The
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