Emotion Detection Using Sobel Filtering And Retrieving With Sparse Code Words

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Emotion Detection using Sobel Filtering and Retrieving with Sparse Code words Mahevish Fatima Mohammed Gani
Study Branch: Computer Science and Engineering
Designation: Student
Contact Number: 9637064965 Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Extracting and understanding of emotion is of high importance for the interaction among human and machine communication systems. The most expressive way to display the human’s emotion is through facial expression analysis. This paper presents and implements an automatic extraction of facial expression and emotion from still image. There are steps to detect the facial emotion; (1) Preprocessing,skin color segmentation and edge detection using Sobel filtering and (2) Verifying the emotion of characteristic with Bezier curve.Retriving emotion using sparse codewords which are used to analyze this results in medicine, and enhancement in CBIR.
To evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithm, we assess the ratio of success with emotionally expressive facial image database. Experimental results shows average 66.6% of success to analyze emotion.

Keywords: Facial Expression,Preprocessing ,Skin Color Segmentation,Sobel Filters,Bezier Curve, Attribute enhanced sparse codeword.

Emotion plays an important role in human communication and therefore also human machine dialog systems

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