Emotion Focused Therapy ( Eft ) Essay

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Emotion focused therapy is a great option for this family and the main person of this counseling, Tina. As a teenager, appearance is a definite issue within a teenager’s life. “Emotion focused therapy (EFT) emerged as a person-centered approach informed by understanding the role of emotion in human functioning and psychotherapeutic change” (Greensberg, 2014,p.15) With Emotion focused therapy the focus on the person’s emotions are what we look to in helping in their therapy. What are their emotions saying? “EFT strategies focus on two major tasks: (1) help clients with too little emotion access then emotions, and (2) help clients who experience too much emotion contain their emotions (Greenberg, 2014)”1 I believe that the importance of the counseling sessions with not only with the client Tina but it is with the family of Tina’s. We know she is a teenager and that means she is going through a ton of different changes within her life and this may mean that people within her family do not know how to handle these changes or how not to set off triggers with her life. Within “EFT emphasizes the importance of awareness, acceptance, and understanding the visceral experience of emotions.”1 Family is the key in the support of helping Tina. With EFT the support for the person getting counseling is within the help from the family. “Gestalt therapy is an existential, phenomenological, and process-based approach created on the premise that individuals must be understood in the
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