Emotion as a Way of Knowing

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EMOTION ESSAY “The mind leads, the emotions follow” -Ayn Rand Emotion is a state of psychological stimulation and an expression of distinct responses[1]. Emotional states can be defined by particular bodily responses. Emotion is more similar to conscious thought than feelings are to conscious thought. Feelings are more like sensations, when you touch something you get a feeling[2]. Therefore feelings are processed faster than emotions, because when you touch something there is a slight delay before you can think of something about it, or feel something deeply about it. One definition of emotion can be "any strong feeling". Feelings can be described in more detail than emotions because you can have a specific feeling for…show more content…
This shows that emotions can help someone to gain knowledge. Intuition are said to be related to feelings, they refer to moments of creative insight, when you find a solution without have gone through any reasoning process. There are three types of intuitions: Core which concern life, the universe and everything else; Subject-Specific Intuitions are the intuitions we have to justify knowledge claims in areas and Social Intuitions which involve Intuitions about other people. Emotions have a physical and mental aspects. Emotion can affect our body and even our health but our bodily reaction can also affect our emotions. For example if we tremble we are likely to get scared. Emotions can also affect our beliefs but our beliefs can also participate in shaping our emotions[10]; an example of this is if you see a snake you are probably going to be scared, but if you realize t is only a piece of rope, your emotions will most likely be altered. An emotion is a something which we can only feel by our self, we can not really see it or touch it, so obviously we can not know anything only through emotion. 'Being emotional' is always taken in a negative way. But emotion can contribute to knowledge and foster other ways of knowing such as reason, languages to make the learning process faster, or it can also be a wall that prevent the reality[11] and end up changing our perception and knowledge. Emotions can help people in many ways, such as be passionate in
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