Emotional Abuse And Its Effects On A Person

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Emotional abuse is defined by its devastating effects on a person. It is seen in the forms of domestic abuse, bullying, and child abuse. Research shows how someone who has been emotionally abused develops personality disorders, has low self-esteem, and even has suicidal thoughts. Although there has been research that provides a general idea of emotional abuse and its effects, the research should take a deeper look at how the smallest details affect someone. My position differs from those who claim they know the true definition of what emotional abuse is. It doesn’t include parents or abusers who claim to know how to define it. Emotional abuse should be looked at with a magnifying glass because the smallest details are what allow people to see how emotional abuse affects a person’s behavior and mental state, and the smaller details allow people to give a clearer definition of what emotional abuse is. Although there have been numerous researches done to define what emotional abuse is, there are many more factors that researchers haven’t found yet. According to Gunta Krumins, she states “there are large gaps in information of this area” (IX). What she means by her statement is how there are many pieces of evidence needed to prove any information given by theorists and psychologists. A majority of those pieces can be found by taking a look into a person’s background. Joan Lachkar, writer of The Many Faces of Abuse, states that to take a look, “we must commit ourselves to an…
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