Emotional Abuse Is Becoming Increasingly Popular Essay

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“As long as he doesn’t put his hands on her” My brother’s attitude toward emotional abuse is not something he learned from a stranger but rather a ubiquitous attitude shared with my family. A family that is now facing an increasingly bigger issue that no one will say out loud. (Voldemort is plotting to kill my family.) Emotional abuse is becoming increasingly popular in my family and nobody seems to want to talk about it. A family who has no quims about busting a door down or two if they feel you might be in danger, suddenly holding their tongue when you really are. It makes sense that a family as rough and tumble doesn’t want to talk about feelings or emotions. Emotions deal with feelings and feelings lead to communism. The point is that it’s a problem and we don’t want to deal with it. There have been little to no cases of physical abuse in my family. My family has a lot of pride when it comes to physical abuse, claiming that if they knew of it happening, they would put a swift stop to it and it would never happen to them because they’d put a motherfucker through a wall. Nevertheless, there is a rise in how many of my family members are entering and staying in emotionally abusive relationships. At times it’s fueled by love or infatuation presenting itself as love, still a large portion derives from the desperate desire to not be lonely. And while black eyes and bruises are hints that physical abuse might be taking place, emotional abuse can be a little trickier. At the

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