Emotional Abuse in Canada Essay

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Many cases of emotional maltreatment and abuse go unreported each year because children and youth may not be aware that it is happening to them. Other forms of abuse such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, or exposure to violence are more readily known about and easier to label and understand. Emotional maltreatment, however, is much harder to identify and define. One broad and general definition of emotional abuse states emotional maltreatment “involves acts or omissions by those in contact with a child that are likely to have serious, negative, emotional impact” (Ministry of Child and Family Development). This definition can be interpreted many different ways depending on your culture, background, or history. If we compare…show more content…
Rejecting is when the adult refuses the child, makes the child feel as though they are to blame for any situation that occurs, or refuses the child’s worth and legitimacy. When a child is isolated they are cut off from normal activities. They may be made to eat alone, away from the family, sent to their room after school and not allowed to see or make friends, or use any forms of communication. Terrorizing a child will show itself in forms of verbal assaults, making the child’s environment fearful, or it can be when a child is singled out for unnecessary criticism, punishment, or ridicule. The feelings of terror could be threats of physical or sexual abuse, leaving the child feeling fearful of the adult in question. Ignoring happens when someone is not there for the child emotionally. Depriving the child of the required stimulation and affection is also a form of ignoring. When a child is corrupted or exploited they are placed in situations that are not appropriate for a child. An example of this may be that they are allowed to smoke, drink, or do drugs at a young age. The child might be put in a situation where there is pornographic materials around, or someone is being sexually suggestive, or if they are being used for sex or prostitution. Any circumstance that “is destructive antisocial behavior, reinforces deviance” and is not a childhood “normal social
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