Emotional Analysis Of 'Hall Of Fame' By Dierks Bentley

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“Hall of Fame” by Script and “Home” by Dierks Bentley are two inspirational songs that will be focusing on two main points, courage and the strength to succeed in life. People around the world listen to music to relax and calm their minds, inspire their lives everyday, and give them hope. Music can change the way people feel and think emotionally about a friend or a family member. American’s and everyone around the world are not focusing on the big picture, they are too worried about how people are going crazy and the bad side of the world. They need to focus on how they can fix the problem and lead the world. People that sacrifice themselves across the world and fighting in Syria or any other country will always be “home” in our hearts…show more content…
“Home” by Dierks Bentley is a song that really gets to the point about courage and strength and explain about how people sacrifice their lives everyday so we can do what we love to do. People don’t realize that this song is suppose to represent everyone men and women in the Military, Fire Department, and Police Department, and how they give up their lives to keep everyone safe. People like this earn courage and strength and use this strength to help others and also earn medals and will always remember throughout history. “Home” explains about the lives of the American people during World War 1 and even before that the civil war and how during the civil war brother’s were fighting brothers and causing harm. Courage and Strength act the same and you need both to be brave, Americans understand we all need to stand together as one and build strength to defend are right to be free. “Home” can understand how to act as one and make the world a better place to live, people are starting to finally realize how history works and how everyone minds work differently. “Hall of Fame and “Home” are each song that will make a difference and will make you understand how courage and strength work throughout everyone lives. People can understand when you listen to every lyrics in each song or watch the video you can see how people never give up and also never lose

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