Emotional And Emotional Effects Of Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence, or as Daigle calls it, intimate partner violence, comes in different forms. One of these forms is intimate terrorism, which involves severe, persistent and frequent abuse that tends to get worse as time goes on. The abusive partner needs to feel like he or she has the power and control of the relationship. This type of intimate partner violence is likely to result in serious injury, the worst of which is death. Another kind of intimate partner violence is situational couple violence, also known as common couple violence. The couple will get into an argument, it will blow up and get out of control, and it will end with violence. These arguments do not usually start out violent; instead, these arguments are over every day things that a lot of couples argue about, like money. Although this form does not typically result in anyone getting seriously injured, it is likely to result in psychological and emotional damage over time. The third form is called violent resistance. In this form, the person may be violent, but he or she is not controlling of their partner. Their partner on the other hand, may be both violent and controlling. This is not a good mix. The last form is mutual violent control. In this form, both partners are both violent and controlling. Two people together like that can be deadly. So what do we consider an intimate partner? An intimate partner is a husband or wife, a girlfriend or boyfriend, an ex-husband or ex-wife, or even just someone
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