Emotional And Emotional Intelligence Assessment

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Overall Results IQ score = 65 Percentile score = 1 Emotional Identification, Perception, and Expression=65 Rumination= 100 Problem-Solving= 18 Positive Mindset= 46 Emotional Reflection = 18 Values Integrity= 68 Emotional Understanding= 47 Emotional Integration = 41 Conflict Management Knowledge= 42 Empathy= 53 Social Insight = 50 Emotional Management= 53 Impulse Control= 72 Self-Control= 26 Resilience/Hardiness= 44 Coping Skills= 88 Self-Motivation= 26 Striving=55 Emotional Selectivity = 50 Adaptable Social Skills= 80 Conflict Resolution Behavior = 37 Based on my Emotional Intelligence assessment, my emotional intelligence is not strong, which was a score of 65. According to the overall results of the test, I am out of touch with my emotions, and frequently fail to identify my true feelings. I seem to be extremely uncomfortable dealing with emotions in general. I was relatively successful on the recognition of emotions aspect of the test. Also, I have a lot of limitation that I need to work on to improve my Intelligence test. I do not seem to be entirely aware of my strengths and weakness. My approach to problem solving is not always conducive to resolutions. I need a lot of improvement in the area of Emotional Understanding. My ability to emphasize needs improvement as well. I am not assertive, I do not seem to be very content, I seem to struggle to act independently and my flexibility is limited. Having a balance between all seven elements would be the most ideal
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