Emotional Dependency in Everything That Rises Must Converge Essay

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In the short story, "Everything That Rises Must Converge," Flannery O'Connor writes about a man taking his mother on the bus to a weight-reducing class. The man, Julian, is an only child whose father is dead. Although O'Connor does not reveal Julian's exact age, she makes it clear that he has been an adult for some time. The mother, who struggled to raise Julian in his younger years, is still supporting him. The story goes into detail about the emotional relationship this man has with his mother and how it leaves him emotionally stunted and depressed. Flannery O'Connor has chosen to make the main characters mother and son to show that a boy who cannot manage to become an independent adult man, that is, one who remains an immature, …show more content…
Catching sight of his long, hopeless, irritated face, she stopped suddenly with a grief-stricken look, and pulled back on his arm. "Wait on me," she said. "I'm going back to the house and take this thing off and tomorrow I'm going to return it. I was out of my head. I can pay the gas bill with the seven-fifty (pg 1081)."

This clearly shows that in reality he has no real grounds to hate her; she has not done anything to him that is so horrible that he should feel the way that he says he does. Julian does care about his mother, but because of his immaturity, he cannot admit this to himself. Instead he obsesses about this hatred he has, which is really self-hatred because he cannot grow up and accept his mother's ways. Mature adults may still be embarrassed by the ways that their parents hold on to old customs and beliefs, but adults also can acknowledge the fact that as an adult one is not represented by another adult's behavior, but by one's own. Julian feels that his mother is making a martyr of him. When you are a martyr, you are at peace with being killed because you still have your faith in God, which ensures your way into heaven. Losing faith just before dying is the worst thing that could happen for a martyr. Julian's faith is the hatred of his mother's ways. When he realizes that he has no grounds for which to loathe his mother and that his hate is based on
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