Emotional Dissonance And Behavior Analysis

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Elated, stressed, frustrated, irritated, cautious, passionate, and motivated are just a few emotions and moods I go through each week in reference to my job. A persons’ emotions and mood can be allowed to determine how their day is run and their response to how they handle situations and people. Many days I have found myself “putting on a mask” so my coworkers will not know my true feelings and at the end of the day releasing the frustration, irritation and dissatisfaction on my family and myself. This is a crazy and unhealthy cycle that does not please God or myself. One reason for wearing the mask is to protect myself from coworkers that I do not trust and that “lurk privily” (KJV Proverbs 1:11) against me. The second reason is to persuade myself by speaking life into my situations and acting the way I want to feel, not how I truly feel in regards to my environment and job.
Emotional Dissonance
According to Robbins and Judge, I have been showing emotional dissonance and I have been surface acting. (Robbins, Judge 261) To me, it is imperative that I be emotional dissonance. If I was not emotional dissonance I would not be a great co-worker due
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For example, I think of myself and my eight coworkers as a work group and not as a work team. Dr. Fischer, explained it best when he described a work team as “creating synergy”. (Fischer 2009). My work group creates decisions and completes task. Synergy is described as “the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements”. (Dictionary, Retrieved June 8, 2016, from Having a work team versus a work group can be due to leadership, work environment, work events, emotions and moods which all equate to the affective events
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