Emotional Freedom Technique, And, Meridian Tapping, Or Just Tapping

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Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT, Meridian Tapping, or just tapping, was developed by Gary Craig in the early 90’s. EFT is a process that involves a mind and energy connection termed the “psychological acupressure technique”. An individual would self-administer an EFT therapy by tapping on the end points of the body’s energy meridians while thinking about a specific problem. Repeating a positive affirmation while either rubbing or tapping, has shown to clear the emotional block and restoring balance. Many results have found EFT to be effective in dealing with phobias, fears, cravings, pain and negative emotions. Personally, I have not yet taken a course in EFT, but I am interested in understanding the effects of EFT on soldiers returning from combat and determine if it is a suitable choice for dealing with PTSD and other traumatic experiences. I would eventually like to utilize the Emotional Freedom Technique in conjunction with other modalities to help patients dealing with trauma. Introduction Emotional Freedom Techniques was structured on the same points utilized in classic acupuncture, which has managed both physical and emotional conditions for thousands of years, but without using needles. Rather, the individual would use the fingertips to aid kinetic energy onto meridian point along the head and chest while thinking about an issue and using confident verbal affirmations. The sequence of using both tapping and positive statements work to remove the
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