Emotional Intelligence : An Inborn Characteristic

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Emotional Intelligence is the ability to express and control our own emotions and it is important because it provides us with the ability to understand, interpret and to understand the emotions of others (Segal & Smith, 2015). The definition of emotional intelligence refers to the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions. Emotional intelligence can be learned and strengthened however there are some claims that emotional intelligence is an inborn characteristic (Segal & Smith, 2015). An inborn characteristic of emotional intelligence is that once you have recognized the emotional intelligence it is very important to also recognize your emotions because this creates empathy and success on both your personal and professional relationships (White Jr. Ph.D., 2009). By regulating and managing your emotional intelligence you are a better able to think outside the box and on the spot when challenged with a critical issue or idea (Hill, 2013). What is it about emotional intelligence that sets a people apart? Is it the emotional awareness and the ability to identify a person’s own emotions and those emotions that others have or it is it the ability to harness those particular emotions when it comes to thinking and problem solving? When we as a person can manage our emotions and regulate them as a means of cheering a person up, calming them down or really getting them excited then we as a person are considered emotionally intelligent. A very good example of an
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