Emotional Intelligence And Attribution Theory

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Communication is important not only in day-to day activities, but also in a career. Communication is the exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. This paper looks at the importance of emotional intelligence and attribution theory for a sales person in the energy industry. Moreover, it highlights evidence of improvement in both face to face interview and individual presentation. Two actions are also discussed that have the ability to enhance a career of a sales person in the energy industry.
Emotional intelligence and attribution theory
Emotional intelligence and the attribution theory contribute significantly to a student’s performance. In this regard, emotional intelligence refers to a student’s capacity to be aware of express, and control emotions while handling interpersonal relationships empathetically and judiciously. Emotional intelligence affects how an individual navigates various social complexities, manages behaviour and makes different personal decisions to get a positive outcome. The attribution theory, on the other hand, regards how human beings understand cases and how this relates to their behaviour and thinking (McLeod 2010). In other words, attribution theory presumes that people attempt to understand humans’ acts. Both the emotional intelligence and attribution theory will play a critical role in my success as I pursue my graduate career by enabling me to operate more effectively.
Emotional intelligence
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