Emotional Intelligence And Interpersonal Intelligence

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Many problems faced by managers in today’s workplace involve situations regarding emotional intelligence. More specifically, the emotional intelligence faced between the employee and employer relationship. Emotional intelligence can be best defined as the ability to control and express one 's emotions in a professional manner. In other words, emotional intelligence is the ability to communicate one 's emotions in a manner that is both professional and productive. From this definition we can begin to make connections as to how emotional intelligence could cause problems in the work force. These problems arise from individuals of low emotional intelligence for they have not yet acquired the ability of self-awareness towards their emotions. There are several different ways on how to apply self-awareness towards one’s emotions within the work force. Mastering these high emotional intelligence strategies will allow for a more productive work environment and a better relationship between the employee and the employer. In addition, employees must be emotionally intelligent to communicate effectively amongst coworkers, other organizational departments, and the organization hierarchy. Emotional intelligence can be either a gift or a burden; however, obtaining a high emotional intelligence is critical in the workforce and is necessary to maintain a productive work environment. In addition, workers with high emotional intelligence obtain a higher job satisfaction according to research.
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