Emotional Intelligence And Outline The Principles Of Self Regulation And Self Awareness

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Draft 2/07/2016 develop and use ei Assessment 1 Question 1. Explain emotional intelligence and outline the principles of self-regulation and self-awareness. Emotional intelligence is the ability an individual has to one identify their own emotions as well as others, two understand and manage these emotions successfully in self and others, with being able to effectively manage yourself as well as your relationships. Self-awareness can be considered essentially the bread and butter of all other competencies, it means having the ability to recognise and understand your own emotions while being “aware’ ’of how these can affect work and life. It is highly accepted that people whom are self-aware of their emotions are better able to guide their open lives , as opposed to those who do not this is just another clear example of the importance of understanding and initiating emotional intelligence through work or daily life. As leaders whom practice self-awareness, are able to not only have confidence in their ability, to lead when facing difficult decisions or moments of dire stress in the workplace. Accepting and knowing these feelings can ultimately provide the user with useful information about difficult decisions when answers are not available through external sources. Leaders must rely on their own feelings to achieve results, being self-aware also provides the user with the tools to assess their own strengths and limitations accurately, as they are completely honest with
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