Emotional Intelligence And Personal Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence skills are important to understand and learn. These skills are the ability to recognize and understand your emotions and other people’s emotions. EQ is also using your awareness to manage your own behavior and relationships that you have with others. Emotional intelligence impacts our lives as well as other people’s lives. (Bradberry & Greaves, pg. 17). There are four skills that make up emotional intelligence which are self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. Increasing your emotional intelligence is beneficial and has a positive impact on your life. (Bradberry & Greaves, pg. 20). One key concept I learned from reading the book Emotional Intelligence is that I can improve my EQ by working on an emotional intelligence action plan. Understanding the importance of improving my emotional intelligence has motivated me to increase my EQ and become a better individual. I am able to strengthen and advance my emotional intelligence by being aware of the way I feel and productively use this feeling. I first started by taking the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal. Once I took the online Emotional Intelligence Appraisal, I realized that I needed to improve on my self-awareness at home and I chose to start working on this skill. So I picked a few strategies to use to help advance my self-awareness and I began applying these strategies to aid my self-awareness. I started to catch my emotions and expect…
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