Emotional Intelligence And Self Awareness Essay

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Emotional intelligence is conceptualized as a person’s ability to overcome stress, communicate effectively, understand others, cope with challenges, and solve conflicts by identifying, using, understanding, and managing their emotions positively (Gines, 2015). Emotional intelligence allows individuals to understand others, without necessarily talking to them. This understanding is vital since it influences the way we relate with other people. Emotional intelligence can be defined using four components which include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management (Segal, Smith, & Shubin, 2016). The essay focuses on these four components and the skills that help in building emotional intelligence.
Components of Emotional Intelligence
Self-awareness involves the ability to understand and evaluate your own emotions through reflection, self-comparisons and feedback from others (Steiner, 2014). Self-awareness aims at enhancing self-knowledge, behavioral, and emotional improvements, and accommodating weaknesses (Steiner, 2014). It allows individuals to understand how they think, behave, and respond to situations that they encounter. To achieve this, feedback from other people is required. People who are self-aware are self-driven, resourceful, eager to learn, self-motivated, and problem-solvers. They also portray independence of self-concept (Steiner, 2014). Self-awareness helps an individual to practice effective self-management.
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