Emotional Intelligence And Speech Pathology Students

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Therapy students, including those studying occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech pathology, often experience difficulties during clinical placements in the final stages of their university program. These difficulties are occasionally so pronounced that students fail their clinical placements REF. The difficulties during clinical placements are related to a range of underlying reasons including underdeveloped communication, interpersonal, intrapersonal and social skills interacting with colleagues and patients (REF).
The authors reasoned that a reason for these difficulties may be that therapy students’ emotional intelligence is under-developed when these clinical placements commence. For the purpose of this study, the following hypothesis was proposed:
Hypothesis 1: The emotional intelligence scores for 3rd year occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech pathology students, before they commence full-time clinical placements that, will be lower than the population norms.

Although healthcare settings are similar, the competencies required of occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech pathology students differs between each of the three professions REF. As such, the professionals may attract students with similar but varying personal attributes. Different groups of professionals have been shown to have differing emotional intelligence profiles (REF). The authors reasoned that there would be differences in the emotional intelligence profile of…
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