Emotional Intelligence And The Mind Team

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According to Smit & The Mind Team (n.d), Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize your emotions, understand what they 're telling you, and realize how your emotions affect people around you. It also involves your perception of others; when you are knowledgeably aware of people 's feelings, you are able to manage relationships more effectively.
During my time at my former job at a commercial bank in Nigeria, I had the privilege of working with a boss who had the superior quality of paying attention to his subordinate. Irrespective of the kind of work related situation we found ourselves, he knew the right response to provide- and at the right time- without displeasing any of us. Even though he was unable to fix all the issues we
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Daniel Goleman 's research also revealed that there are six leadership styles adopted by managers which are: the coercive, the authoritative, the affiliative, the democratic, the pacesetting and the coaching styles. Emotional intelligence fits into the various leadership styles in that each of the styles are driven by the certain traits of emotional intelligence as highlighted below:
The Coercive Style: This is a "Do what I tell you" leadership style that works best in a turn-around situation. However, because this leader is insistent on instant adherence or conformity to decisions made, it lowers the drive to perform as people lose their sense of fulfilment in the job and this hinders creativity. The emotional intelligence competencies exhibited by a coercive leader are the drive to achieve, initiative and self-control.
The Authoritative Style: The authoritative leader organizes and encourages people to act in a concerted way in order to achieve a particular vision or objective. This style also requires coherently expressing the level of quality expected in the accomplishment of the objectives, while allowing the team to come up with the means to carry out the objectives. The emotional intelligence competencies exhibited by an authoritative leader are self-confidence, empathy and change catalyst.
The Affiliative Style: The affiliative leader is concerned about the people, allows flexibility, and creates an
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