Emotional Intelligence At The Psychiatric Field

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Emotional Intelligence
Emotions are the combinations of feelings such as joy, jealous, hatred, affinity, love, boldness, rigidity, and fear. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a cognitive element. It concerns the aptitude to convey precise rational about our feelings and use to improve our thoughts. It is an ability to evaluate, comprehend and manage emotions both internally and externally. It exhibits socially acceptable behavior. Emotional intelligence is your proficiency to distinguish and comprehend emotions in yourself and others, and your ability to use this perception to manage your performance and associations (Naidu, 2014).
I have spent most of my nursing experience working in the psychiatric field. In the last three years I have advanced to the supervisory level and it is here that my abilities are beginning to shine. I have never wanted to be a supervisor and never thought I would go in this direction. Since I started researching information about emotional intelligence it has dawned on me what my previous supervisor taught me is now coming full circle. I had a wonderful mentor, she made me come out of my comfort zone and has helped me become the leader I am becoming today.
According to Salovey and Mayer there are four branches in emotional intelligence. They are as follows: perceiving emotions, reasoning with emotions, understanding emotions and managing emotions. Perceiving emotions involves understanding the nonverbal clues such as body language.
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