Emotional Intelligence : Being A Leader

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Emotional Intelligence Being a leader is a gift; something that is hard to learn, and something that many people are more predisposed to be than others. A good example of a wonderful religious leader, in my opinion, would be John Paul II. Ever since John Paul was a child he had a natural ability to affect people around him in a positive way. Moreover, the Pope’s emotional intelligence made him and even better religious leader because it allowed him not only to reason more effectively, but to be empathetic to others. As I approach the end of nursing school I want to become a good leader with a high level of emotional intelligence because it will not only prepare me to be a better leader one day, but it will also give me a greater self-awareness and will allow me to be a better nurse. The purpose of this paper is to discover how important emotional intelligence is to being a better nurse to my patient, a better co-worker, and a better supervisor to all those that I will be working with. Definitions, History, and Concepts According to Hein (2005), emotional intelligence can be defined as an "innate potential to feel, use, communicate, recognize, remember, describe, identify, learn from, manage, understand and explain emotions”. In my opinion, emotional intelligence means that one is aware of emotions, not only his or her emotions but also the emotions of others. One who is emotionally intelligent has great self discipline, and is able to get through to people. Being
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