Emotional Intelligence ( Ei )

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Emotional Intelligence (EI) or the ability to understand my own emotions and others emotions was an ability I had underestimated before taking this course. However, after learning about emotional intelligence’s relevance to the business environment, and how it effects every interaction and decision I make, I have suddenly become very aware of my own emotional intelligence. Based on the results from the assessment of EI, I scored a 42 out of 50. This means that I have a high EI and an aptitude for reading and understanding my own emotions and the emotions of others. Further interpretation of my results found that I scored 5’s or the highest EI on my awareness of my own feelings and my ability to pick up on subtle social cues. I will try to…show more content…
This is a weakness that I will need to progress, because being able to make connections and hold conversation with business professionals from a variety of backgrounds is crucial to networking. In order to find common ground with professionals that have different backgrounds I will need to be observant and grow my common knowledge pool and therefore increase my common ground. Also, preparing before networking conversations with topics and ideas that spark conversation regardless of background can be an important tool in increasing my EI. All my life I have been raised in a faith based home and my personal values have been molded and shaped from the experience of religion. My upbringing was in a “strict” home where religion, recognition, and preparation for future success were emphasized and instilled. Unsurprisingly, I found my results to the terminal value survey aligned with the “strict” Christian values I was raised with. However, my results to the instrumental value survey were more independent, aligning with my personality strengths and interests rather then how I was raised. My highest ranked instrumental values included being responsible, intellectual, and helpful. On the other hand, my top three terminal values consisted of salvation, a comfortable life, and social recognition. Salvation comes from my childhood and going to church, the belief in a higher
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