Emotional Intelligence : Health Counselling And Behaviour Change

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Emotional Intelligence Paper
Mr. Noah Gentner
Health Counselling & Behaviour Change
Francis Anne Manalo (0870827)
April 7, 2015

Emotional Intelligence (EI) the ability to recognize various emotions and how to manage them in social situations. This ability can vary between different people depending on their personality. One can determine emotional intelligence based on four traits; Self awareness, self management, empathy, and social relations. Self awareness is defined as recognizing your own emotions and how they affect your behaviour. When assessing myself in this dimension, I would say that I have a good ability to recognize my own emotions and how they affect my behaviour. I can recognize my own emotions such as stressed especially, when exam period starts. I will feel overwhelmed and start to freak out about exams and grades which will have a negative impact on how I think and behave. When I feel overwhelmed and stressed, I will usually try to avoid whatever it is that is making me feel this way, even though I know that I need to do whatever it is I am avoiding. I start to overthink all of my actions which stress me out even more and it begins a constant cycle of me overreacting and stressing out over everything until I wear myself out. Not only can I recognize my emotions I can also recognize the feeling of others, as well as understand their wants, needs, and viewpoints. Empathy is the ability to recognize what other people are feeling.…
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