Emotional Intelligence. I View Emotional Intelligence As

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Emotional Intelligence I view Emotional intelligence as being able to keep my emotions in check, making sure they are appropriate, and that I am handling situations in the best emotional manner possible. Our emotional intelligence or lack there of, can significantly impact our future work relationships, and personal relationships. How we emotionally interpret information we are given and then process it for each situation we face is totally up to us. I encountered a situation last semester that I feel I used Emotional intelligence to guide me in a positive direction, towards furthering my schooling, and enrich my future job as a registered nurse. I did not achieve an exam grade requirement that was mandatory for continuation to the…show more content…
Five years from now no one is going to care that I had to retake a class along the way. I signed up to retake the class, dropped my class load to part time, and geared up for this semester. At first I wanted to keep this information of not passing the class to myself. I didn’t want to allow others to judge me, ridicule me, or perhaps discourage me from continuing on with my pursuit of becoming a registered nurse. Slowly over time I have confided in a small group of people about my small speed bump, in what I thought would be a smooth road through nursing. I have received overwhelming support, compassion, and positive feedback from all that I have spoken with about this situation. It finally sunk in that I’m not the only one this has ever happened to, and I shouldn’t let it hold me back. Fast forward to this past January when my classes would start again. When I walked into class I was surprised to see some familiar faces from my cohort last semester. Suddenly it didn’t seem so bad. They too were upset that they were having to repeat the class, but they also wanted to continue on in their studies just like I did. Hearing the stories from the other classmates about having to re-enroll in this class again this semester it was evident that there was a lot of self negative talk going on towards themselves, but also placing blame on others for their setbacks and current situation. I
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