Emotional Intelligence : It's Benefits

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The introduction of the idea of emotional intelligence has brought controversy over exactly what it is and its value. Some social psychologists have questioned the idea of emotional intelligence while others fervently promote it. Even those who agree with this idea have trouble coming to a consensus as to what emotional intelligence is, how it can be measured in individuals, and what its value is to individuals within a social environment. The focus of this research paper is to first, explain what emotional intelligence is and what it is not. Second, to describe the four components of emotional
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Several labels have been applied to emotional intelligence. Some psychologist have incorrectly labeled emotional intelligence using personality traits such as happiness, goodness, sadness, and social styles such as assertiveness. Emotional intelligence is neither.

Emotional intelligence is not related to a person 's IQ. Intelligence is a person 's ability to learn and remains static through an individual 's life, but emotional intelligence is related to human behavior. It is believed that emotional intelligence is fluid and that a person has the ability to develop high levels emotional intelligence.

The Four Components (Branches) of Emotional Intelligence

The Salovey and Mayer model of emotional intelligence consists of four separate components referred to as branches. These branches include the ability of an individual to perceive emotion, reason using emotions, understand emotions, and to manage emotions.

The first branch, which is the most basic facet, is the ability of an individual to perceive emotion in themselves and others. This part of the emotional intelligence model has varying levels. This branch includes bodily expressions and thoughts such as being able to understand body language and facial expressions (happiness, sadness, anger, and fear), identifying emotions in objects (works or art, music, stories). It also includes interpreting emotion. The most advanced level of this branch includes the
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