Emotional Intelligence Model: Four Types Of Emotional Intelligence

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each and every individual vary in their ability to process information of an emotional nature to a wider cognition. This model claims that emotional intelligence includes 4 types of abilities. • Perceiving emotions – the ability to detect emotions in faces, voices, pictures, voices, and cultural artefacts—including the ability to identify one's own emotions. • Using emotions – the ability to tackle emotions to facilitate various cognitiveactivities, such as problem solving and thinking. • Understanding emotions – the ability to understand emotion language and to value complicated relationships among emotions. • Managing emotions – the ability to control emotions in both ourselves and in others. Figure 1:Mayer and Salovey's (1997) four-branch…show more content…
Inspired by their outstanding findings, he began to conduct his own research and wrote Emotional Intelligence (1995), the book which acquainted both the private and public sectors with the idea of emotional intelligence. Goleman's model defined four main emotional intelligence constructs • Self-awareness – the ability to be aware of one's emotions and recognize their impact • Self-management – involves controlling one's emotions and adapting to changing environment • Social awareness – the ability to understand, sense and react to others' emotions • Relationship management– the ability to influence, inspire and develop others while managing conflict. Self Personal Component Others Social
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