Emotional Intelligence On The Early Childhood Development

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Emotional Intelligence assessments have been used to predict a person’s success or failure in regard to school, business and life. There are many studies that provide evidence of the benefits of emotional intelligence to children, adults, parents and employees. A child’s emotions are often treated as petty, irrational and immature, when it is during childhood that children need to be taught how to deal with emotions. The objective of this paper is to give significant evidence that there is a benefit to beginning the introduction of emotional intelligence in the early childhood development.


This paper is a look at the idea of introducing Emotional Intelligence (EI) to grade school children to aid in curbing the rise of violence and bullying and providing a framework for children to develop their ability to handle their emotions appropriately. I will begin with defining EI and its importance.

I will look how emotional intelligence can be an important tool to assist children in dealing with childhood challenges, it’s importance in dealing with the growth of bullying and the long-term benefits of EI for adults. I will summarize why I feel if we graduate students with a strong EI to go with their IQ, they will be better able to handle the challenges of adulthood and become

emotionally stable adults, parents and ultimately show it’s influence on employees and it’s role in business.

Major Arguments

Knowledge and study of emotional intelligence
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