Emotional Intelligence On The Workplace Essay

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Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace The concept of analyzing people has driven the development of various techniques to identify and define specific traits in an individual. There are IQ tests, learning styles, and personality profiles, the organizer, the thinkers, or the persuaders which one matches. The data collected is applied to disclose career paths, growth, and success. Today’s business environment is demanding; workers are asked to do more with less. Employees are accountable for their performance, which intensifies the anxiety to achieve. To cope with the stress the ability to monitor and recognize emotions is indispensable. Psychologist and writer Daniel Goleman commercialized a theory known as emotional intelligence with the best-selling book Emotional Intelligence. The publication examined Goleman’s argument that intellectual intelligence is not enough on its own to be successful in life that non-cognitive capabilities are required to flourish (Goleman, 1998). Emotional intelligence is the aptitude to distinguish, manage, and evaluate emotions in yourself and others, and utilize the knowledge to effectively communicate (Cherniss & Goleman, 2001). Emotional Intelligence (EI) The idea of Emotional Intelligence dates back to the early 20th century, the phrase first emerged in 1985 in a thesis written by Wayne Payne (Motivation Theories, 2015). Emotional intelligence impacts various façades of daily life, both personal and professional.
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