Emotional Intelligence Paper

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Emotional Intelligence Paper There is no total compromise on the definitions of emotional intelligence and cognitive intelligence, only varying views that identify how the two concepts differ. As Daniel Goleman puts Emotional intelligence in five sectors; managing ones own emotions, motivating oneself, recognizing, and understanding other people's emotions and managing relationships (2006), whereas cognitive intelligence is one’s intellect with reasoning, analyzing, logic and prioritizing. With emotional intelligence one should be able to communicate well, take others opinions and be considerate of others feelings, take rejection with ease, and handle confrontation. Cognitive intelligence is more of knowledge in what one does and educated…show more content…
Once as an adult emotional intelligence come into play every day in ones life, from relationships to work. When two people go into a relationship, they are going in blind not knowing how the other would handle disagreements or failures. As time goes, by the two start understanding weaknesses and strengths. In a relationship, that being any type from friends to married couples, one should have the ability to know their own emotions and comprehend others as well. One does not want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t listen and grasp of how he or she is feeling. Also with emotional intelligence there is being able to be social with others. Having the ability to trust and be trusted by others, and communicate and even be a leader. In the workplace emotional intelligence also plays a big role. Employers look for employees who are able to do a job satisfactorily but also have the ability to work in a team, handle stressful situations, and be trustworthy. In any workplace one will find those who have the experience and the brains to do a job right but do not work well with others. Then there are those who do a good job, not as great as the first person described, but is able to handle change, disagreements, rejections, and has communication skills which in result becomes the one who everyone choices to work with. Those who are able to deal with challenges, such as three projects all due at one time are usually the ones who
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