Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment Essay

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Emotional intelligence, or EI, has begun to make head way in the nursing world in its tie to leadership. Nurses are people, so they experience emotion just like every other person. Their work is stressful and trying, it provokes emotion due to the environment and situations at hand. The ability to recognize one’s own emotions, along with those that present in others is an important skill (Morrison, 2008). Being able to recognize emotions makes it easier to manage our lives and our relationship with others. These are the aspects that make a person competent enough to say that they have emotional intelligence. Supporters of emotional intelligence believe that EI may be more valuable in determining a good leader than intellectual…show more content…
I do not enjoy making others unhappy or uncomfortable, so I can gauge my emotion to make them at ease. The drive to develop a greater sense of my internal state can help me to better develop my self-awareness. Self-regulation is an area I thrive in, as long as I am practicing self-awareness. Self-regulation is the management of one’s internal states, urges, and assets. Self-regulation can be broken down into trustworthiness, integrity, comfort with ambiguity, and openness to change (Sadri, 2012). As mentioned before I am able to recognize the way that my mood affects other people. This allows me to control my emotions and bring them to a level that is more suitable for the situation. In the past, I have struggled with consistently being able to take full responsibility for my personal performance; yet, I have made it a priority to internalize the fact that I make mistakes and I cannot blame those mistakes on another person. I value the ability to be an open and honest person, which is the kind of person who does not try to blame other for their own shortcomings. In order to be emotional intelligent, you need to be open to the idea of working on yourself and changing the aspects that are inappropriate (Faguy, 2012). This is needed in the nursing profession because the patients and environment are fast-paced and ever-changing. A nurse has to be able to think on her feet. This is the broad spectrum that self-regulation requires from a person; therefore, it
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