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In “Don't Believe the Hype around 'Emotional Intelligence',” Steve Tobak shines a light on the on the dark sides on emotional intelligence, he clearly states his points and arguments regarding the issue with a various reliable sources and examples. Tobak argues that there is no direct correlation between emotional intelligence and success, in contrast to what people think. Steve Tobak is a former senior executive, and author of real leader don’t follow. He runs Silicon Valley-based Invisor Consulting where he would present his thoughts to executives and business leaders on the strategic matter. Tobak writes weekly columns for Fox Business and Entrepreneur. The writer's background and the use of resources and his supportive details make him…show more content…
The author started the article with the point that he was arguing against, so he introduced the counter argument and then his points. He then divided his main argument into three sub ideas. He started off with talking about how EQ testing is not scientific. He then stated a personal experience of the EQ tests, where he was able to manipulate the results showing how he can be gaming the test and that it’s only a child’s play. Then the author stated that the problem with EQ tests is that they are self-tests based on self-perception and that it was meaningless. He then moved on to the second point which was emotional intelligence is not predictive of leadership performance or business success. Tobak then mentions names of people with a high successful career that don’t have a high emotional intelligence then demonstrates some statistics that add supportiveness to his point. After that, Tobak moves on to another point that states emotional awareness does not lead to behavioral change. He goes against the point that says reading a book or attending a seminar would make you a better leader, it requires people a lot of hard work and years of discipline and therapy. Tobak ended by stating it won’t matter how many years’ people study emotion intelligence but, in the end, it won’t change…show more content…
To start off with, the author uses hypothetical examples when trying to prove his points. For example, when tobak states “Consider some of the most highly accomplished entrepreneurs of our time: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Andy Grove, Larry Ellison, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. I’d be surprised to find an ounce of emotional intelligence among them” (Tobak, 2014). The people listed in the example are people that the author does not know making it more of a hypothetical example. Secondly, tobak over-relies on his opinion in the essay without supporting it with credible evidence. Furthermore, the author uses hasty generalization when responding to the counter arguments. For instance, the example from Adam Grant’s article. There was also the use of appeal to authority when he speaks about highly accomplished entrepreneurs mentioned earlier. Lastly, the author oversimplifies the counter arguments this happens throughout the article. For example, when tobak talks about how the EQ tests are

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