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Emotional Intelligence Synopsis I learned that there are various personality types, those personalities are made up of many factors, however, you can generally identify most any personality from the EI information that was presented from the EI Appraisal. I would like to think that we were much more complex than a personality test however, there are methods in determining a person like course, response of behavior. There are more inside forces that create a personality than outside sources. I believe that outside forced play a part in a person’s behavior as well as the way that the individual was raised, one example is a person worth a strong dominate personality could have been allowed to be expressive and enforce their will, on the…show more content…
Emotional competence is a learned capability based on emotional intelligence that results in outstanding performance at work” Goleman, 2014 p, 24). This stands out to me as it relates to my personal experience, I’m able to pull and draw others in based on the concept, with that concept I’m able to have empathy, I can read and relate to how others are feeling as well it allows my strength social skills to stand out. I can talk with others and glean trust, understanding and build relationships. I have very strong customer service skills, I’m able to listen and understand what someone wants even if they are unable to express it. Diversity as well as bringing people together regardless of backgrounds is also a strong skill set, this comes from my upbringing and being exposed to others of different races and cultures. I also have the concept that we are all one made in Gods image so my ability to relate also comes from knowing that there are differences, however, those differences make us stronger and not divided. I love to learn from others and unless you are open to all people you will never can learn from others. ‘The Peter Principle to much college to little Kindergarten” (Goleman 2014, p.42) also rings true, I have a high degree of interpersonal skills that allow me to learn a job and seek help from others without offending them because of my lack of knowledge. I’m very capable in many areas, however, those areas that I’m not totally confident

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