Emotional Intelligence Therapeutic Interaction and Reflective Nursing

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EMOTIONAL INTELLIGIENCE THERAPEUTIC INTERACTION AND REFLECTIVE NURSING Emotional intelligence and therapeutic interaction plays vital role in forming a successful human relationship. Therapeutic relationship can be simply defined as a relationship built between a client and any health care professionals including nurses and doctors, whereas emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive , control and evaluate emotions (brady,2004).Relationship such as above are established in order to promote clients health and well-being. However in order to build such a relationship a nurse must behave in a professional manner. Therapeutic interaction in nursing practice is as important as giving any diagnosis, because it is the first way to impress the client as a whole. Therefore this essay shall discuss the importance of the therapeutic relationship and emotional intelligence in reflective nursing practice. To begin with, communication plays a crucial role or in other words it is the grass root of a effective therapeutic interaction with the client. The way or manner, type of tone used, and behavior showed by nurse plays crucial role in nursing. If communication with the client at first point of contact is successful, than adequate and accurate collection of information, planning, implementing, and the process of evaluation will become easier to treat the client. Looking for example in Fiji, majority of the times complaints regarding nurses are lodged because nurses
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