Emotional Interpretation Paper

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This project deals with the impact of state and trait anxiety on emotional interpretation. To define the different types of anxiety, state anxiety is temporary while trait anxiety tends to be longer lasting (Meijer, 2001). Next, according to Mathews and Mackintosh (2000), emotional interpretation is generally how a person interprets emotional information. I became interested in emotional interpretation after participating in a research study with Gilbert (2016) which found that lower sleep quantity was associated with attributing more emotion to a piece of neutral text. Finding one variable that affects emotional interpretation makes me want to continue this type of research and examine the relationships that other variables have with emotional interpretation, which is needed.
More research is needed due to two reasons. The first reason is because written text is very prevalent in human communications today, especially when it comes to younger generations. Duggan (2013) found that 97% of cell phone users aged 18-29 use their phone to
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First, I need more background information about all of the constructs separately, including both state and trait anxiety as well as emotional interpretation bias. Next, I need more information on how they could be linked theoretically. The articles have gone into this a little bit through examining the relationship between trait anxiety and emotional interpretation, but I need to find more theoretical reason why state could also be involved. Third, I need to find more research about anxiety priming, and what sorts of anxiety would be the most effective. Calvo and Castillo (1997) found that the bias tends to occurs with ambiguous situations involving the ego, rather than ambiguous situations potentially involving physical danger. So, I need to research how I can involve the ego in anxiety
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