Emotional Perspectives: Personal Narrative Analysis

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Emotional Perspectives During February in 2015, I experienced a fantastic change in my life; I finally found an amazing girlfriend who felt to be someone I could trust and enjoy life with. Throughout the next half-year, we grew immensely together and experienced newly found excitement every day. Gratefully, my girlfriend achieved her goal to attend her dream college with a full-ride scholarship; however, the unfortunate part is this college is in the state of Washington. Despite the distance between us each semester, we continued to grow closer together. Additionally, we grew to know that communication was a core part of our relationship and a vital key to maintaining a strong bond. Yet, since the start of this school semester, the communication,…show more content…
Thus, because of a long and difficult past with relationships, I began to hold a low value of myself. I found that I would always feel unworthy to have a girlfriend as amazing at mine. Therefore, I became constantly jealous and fearful of my girlfriend finding another partner; these feelings made me devolve to depression and grief. Unintentionally, my negative internal feelings were deflected towards my girlfriend. Similarly, the video “Unmasking Masculinity” with Ryan McKelly describes the “Emotional Funnel System.” This system occurs when someone’s internal emotions are twisted into an external emotion that is unrelated to the internal emotion. For instance, I felt depression and vulnerability as my internal emotions, then, I subconsciously twist those emotions into anger and frustration. The main cause to what is stated above is from low self-esteem. It made complete sense to me when learning this through my Interpersonal Communication class; I finally understood that my reflected appraisal was out of control. I would be constantly critical of myself which only made me believe that my own negative thoughts were who I was. In reality, I am completely opposite of what I lead myself to believe. This exposed me to the vital importance of listening to my internal…show more content…
As blatant and obvious it may seem, the path to become a master of my own emotions related directly to my Interpersonal Communication book by Floyd. Most important, to begin this path I must listen and accept my internal emotions; this is imperative to master because if I don’t then I will be doomed to repeat my past mistakes. Once I listen to my emotions, then I need to recognize and identify the cause of my emotions. Once I successfully accomplish these steps, I can begin an emotional reappraisal, which is “giving rise to a negative emotion so that the effect of the emotion is diminished” (p. 270 Floyd). Identically, I can also use the concept “Reframing” which is not only emotionally reappraising but also altering the way I think about the negative situation, as well as, how I talk about my situation with others. Unfortunately, I have never truly shared my emotions due to the norm of the culture I am associated with. The norm is men are supposed to be emotionless and tough, while women are supposed to express more emotions and be soft. In contrast, reality and science prove that men and women share the same emotions. We all are equal on having the ability to feel the same emotions. The difference is how each person choses to manage their emotions. Upon learning of this, I decided to begin sharing more of my emotions with my girlfriend. Equally, I also learned that I
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