Emotional Processing In Older Adults

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In my opinion older adults cope well in everyday life because our lives are connected to emotional processing. When reading the assigned texted, emotional processing in older adults deals with the ability to only focus on the positive information which increases brain activity (Cavanaugh 57). In everyday life older people are surrounded by individuals in a younger generation. The people in the younger generation are constantly learning new information and sharing it with the older adults. As the older adults adapt to the new material the neurons in their brain begin to form new synapses (Stealing Time). The synapses are responsible for connecting the new information which then causes the coping mechanism. In order for the older adults to cope in life, they learn new trades which…show more content…
For example, a movie known as BAPS features the life of an old dying rich man being intruded by two young females searching for their purpose. While living with him they helped him adapt to new environmental experiences which caused his everyday life activities to increase. He began to adapt to the changes of his life and experience environmental enrichment (54). In all, older adults cope to everyday life so well because they gain real-life experiences that are not found in the lab, they have more access to their emotional processing (amygdalae), and they are capable of adapting just like younger adults.

In terms of pathological and normal aging, pathological aging, in my opinion, takes on a medical approach rather than a normative approach. Pathological aging seems to focus on diseases in older adults and how their reaction to certain situations may vary (44). When someone is being aged based on pathological aging their everyday functioning may include: remembering the current year, how to simply tie their shoe, or even testing their physical abilities (Stealing Time). When someone is disease
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